Class 1

  • Miss Stacey Towner

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Lin Hatton

    Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Class 1
Our school day starts when the children arrive between 8:30 and 8:50 am. During this time the children complete their morning activities; either writing their name or a simple sentence then they choose what they would like for dinner. During the morning the children take part in several activities e.g. Wake and Shake, Read Write Inc (Phonics Programme), to Maths activities. During the afternoon they have assemblies and Literacy activities. Our day ends at 3:15 where you can collect your child from the classroom door. 
We focus on a free flow approach where the children are encouraged to try the several activities planned on the tables. These activities link to the topic we are looking at. They get progressively harder as the year progresses and we try to ensure a width breadth of learning is taking place. This ranges from Role Play, Expressive Arts, Physical Development to more focused adult learning in Maths and Literacy.
We try to do our PE lessons on a Tuesday afternoon but we ask that you keep your child's PE kit in school all week in case this changes or we get more opportunity during the week for extra lessons. As we are in the summer term, our PE lessons will be outside. Please provide your child with appropriate outdoor sports kit with trainers. 
We welcome any parents that would like to come in and look at their child's learning at any point during the year. We do hold Open Phonics where you are welcome to come and look at how your child learns the phonemes and applies them. 
Welcome to Class One.
In Autumn Term 1 the children focused on 'My Family and I'. Our overall to was History so we looked at the family history of the children in the class.  The children had the chance to explore what it was like for their parents and grandparents to grow up and what sort of things they played with.  They also explored where they went to school and how it is different to school life now. 
In Autumn Term 2, the children looked more at 'Storytelling'. As our overall Topic was History we looked at how the old stories were different to ones today and how they changed over time. The children even tried to write their own stories.
The children are very excited to be in school and we can't wait to find out more! 
In the Spring Term 1, the children in Class 1 is focusing on the topic 'People around the world'. The children will look at the different countries around the world and the traditions and lifestyles of people from there. We are going to focus on some holidays that are important during the Spring Term like Chinese New Year. The children will see what food they eat and what clothes they wear. 
In Spring Term 2, in Class 1 we are going to be looking at 'Animals around the world'. We will look at the different habitats that the animals live in and how they survive, especially in harsh climates like the north pole. We are hoping to arrange a school trip to see some of these animals up close in a zoo. 
We are now in the last term of the school year. The children have worked really hard over the year to become independent learners. This is evident in the work they are now able to produce. 
In the Summer 1 Term our topic is 'Living Thing and the Environment'. We discovered some caterpillars outside and in the process of making a lovely Bug Hotel for them and their friends. We are going to be learning about the different things that the mini-beasts would like in their environment. We are going to have a butterfly release afternoon where we are going to formally open the Bug Hotel to all of the different mini-beasts. 
In Summer 2 Term, our topic is going to be Time Travel. During this topic the children will look at what will happen in the near future. This is going to be helpful for when they move into year one. We will work more closely with the children in Year One and share what it is like to learn in that classroom. The children will also look at what life would be like when they grow up. How things make change and what they may need to do to help the world in the future. We are in the process of arranging a school trip linking to this topic.