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School Closure Information
In case of adverse weather conditions which may result in closure of the school, I would like to make you aware of the emergency school closure procedures. Closure of the school is not made lightly and if it is at all possible to keep the school open, we will. The criterion used for a decision to close the school is listed below for your information. In the case of extreme weather, a risk assessment is made by the Head of School.
The facts considered are:

  • Are there sufficient staff able to get to school in order to ensure safe child/adult ratios?
  • Do conditions on school grounds pose a risk to the health and safety of pupils, parents and staff?
  • Is the temperature in school within accepted guidelines, and are all facilities (water, electricity, toilets and
  • kitchen) operational?
  • Are conditions forecast to worsen, which may put staff and parents driving home at risk?

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