Learning at Home


  I hope you are all safe and well with your families at home. I have put together a list of ideas so that you could continue supporting your child’s learning at home. I’ve tried to ensure a variety of activities that are manageable to do with the things you may have at home.  

 As Nursery children are typically developing their listening and attention skills, try to aim for 1 activity a day and spend up to 10 minutes per activity, but if they are excited to carry on then please let them explore for longer!  

Please note: These are just ideas, you are not expected to complete them all. 

I will upload my weekly activity recommendations on Tapestry.  

It would be great if you could record any home learning on Tapestry for me to see. 


Children learn all kinds of skills through play; they learn how things work, how to interact and share with others, how to play with different toys and enter a world of imagination. Play enables children to test things out in a safe way, learn about emotions and to talk with others. 

Listening is an essential skill for talking and learning. Everywhere we go there are different noises around us. Sometimes children need a bit of quiet time to help them tune into talking rather than other noises going on around them. 


Please remember to read every day with your child. It helps by supporting their story telling, their imagination and also enriches every part of their language development. 


Take care, 

Miss Stone 

Nursery Manager