Our intent in RE is to:
  • Provide religious Education according to the ‘Religious Education in Cornwall, Agreed Syllabus.
  • Help children to develop an understanding and insight into religious faith, traditions and practice in Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. 
  • Provide a practical understanding of Christian religion, and others where the opportunity arises, through visits to local churches, meetings with local believers, including the clergy. 
  • Give children the chance to experience different religious traditions through art, literature and music. 
  • Enhance spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by responding and reflecting on questions of life raised by the children with reference to their own understanding and experiences as well as to the teachings and practices of religions. 
  • Develop tolerance/empathy for people with different cultures and faiths. 
  • Provide all children with their entitlement to religious education, as shown in the 1998 Education Reform Act. (Parents have the right to withdraw their children and the school will make arrangements for the child in this instance.)
To see how RE is being taught throughout the school, take a look below at our RE curriculum map and on the Class pages. 

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