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Class 2

Mrs Churms

Class 2 Teacher

Mrs Bartlett

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hatton

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to class 2!

We had a busy spring term even though it was short, here is a round up of our learning.

After our wonderful start to our new topic ‘Story Time’, the children immersed themselves into the stories of our first author ‘Julia Donaldson'. We began with the story ‘The Gruffalo’, we used a story map and together we thought about actions to help us retell the story.


The children worked hard in preparation for writing their own version of ‘The Gruffalo’, they familiarised themselves with the features of the story, and then they collected words and phrases to use in their own stories.


Also, the children created their own creature, they named it, drew it and described it in preparation of their own story. We had some great names, including ‘Venom Teeth, Vapour Claw and The Vexling’ and some great descriptions and drawings. We are so proud of the children’s writing and they wrote some fantastic stories, which they should be very proud of too.


In the second half of the term we focused on the author ‘Sue Hendra’. On the first day the children found vegetables in strange places, stuck with tape and toilet roll. They became superheroes and immersed themselves into the story, ‘Supertato’. The children made some amazing models of their own ‘Supertato’ using a potato, to help them save the vegetables in our classroom.  


Then, we used a story map and actions to help retell the story and to write their own version using a different vegetable for their superhero. The children were very excited to write their own stories in a little booklet. Again, the children amazed us with their stories, and we were very proud of them.


Also, in English the children completed fiction and non-fiction comprehensions, so they could accurately understand texts, which helped them to decode what they have read, and make those connections between what they have read and what they already know.


In Maths, our focus was multiplication and division, which involved small steps to help the children have a better understanding of each unit. The children used manipulatives and pictures to help with their fluency of each small step, for instance making equal groups and sharing objects. The children enjoyed these units and worked hard to understand how multiplication and division are linked.


In science, we studied the seasons and how they change, the hours of daylight, the weather and how it affects us, what we wear and what we do. We recorded the weather every day, using a thermometer, rain gage and we used our senses to record the wind. Unfortunately, it was a dry week and the children were quite disappointed not to put our rain gage to good use. This part of science led us to study how animals adapt in winter and to their environment.  Then we identified and named a variety of animals, we also described the similarities and differences of their body parts and the characteristics of the animal groups they belong to.


The study of the weather in science linked with our geography last term, as it helped us understand the weather in the UK. We watched some weather forecasts and then they worked with a partner to plan their own weather forecast.


In art, the children practised their painting skills, we recapped the primary colours, mixed secondary colours, and used white and black to experiment how these can be used to make different shades and tones. Also, the children refined their brush skills and realised how different sized brushes can be used for different surface areas. The children used their sketching skills to design their front cover of their own story based on ‘The Gruffalo’. They took a lot of pride in their drawings and produced some amazing artwork.


In PE, we started off with dance, the children created different dances for different animals. Then, they had swimming lesson at Bodmin Leisure Centre. It was great to see the children improve their swimming skills, overcome fears and have fun in the water.

There were also lots of learning in other parts of the curriculum too, including internet safety.


Also, in the spring term, we had a wonderful day for World Book Day, the children looked amazing dressed as their favourite book characters and they enjoyed sharing their books with their friends. The children took part in many activities throughout the day.


We also took part in Sports Relief the children dressed up in their sports kit and we kept active all day including a whole school HIIT session in the hall.


The children had a brilliant time on our school trip, from the double decker bus ride to watching, ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’.  As well as this, they loved making their own popcorn to take to the cinema. They were also very excited to go on a sensory Gruffalo hunt in the afternoon and then drink hot chocolate while listening to some stories.

Well done Class 2 for an excellent spring term.