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Does your child love their handheld device?  Are you looking for educational, fun apps suitable for your child to use?  Then look no further.  We have a range of apps that we use in school, that your child is familar with, listed below. 

You can find these apps and many more using the Appstore(ipad/iphone) or PlayStore (Android). 

(Some apps are only available on iOS.  Most apps are free but some may have a small charge).

If you are having any problems then please pop into school and we will gladly show you how to access these on your device.


Equivalent fractions, slide 100, slide 1000, King of Maths, Math Bugs, Cloud tables, Todo Math,

Maths age 4-6, Mathes Evolve, Slide addition, Slide multiplication, coop Fractions.


Dog and Bone, Sight words, English, Wordsearch, Comic Maker, Story Wheel, Spelling, Book Creator,

Sock Puppets, PuppetPals HD, TwinkLITE, PuppetPals2.


Educational / Games

Christmas, Pizza 1, Grid drawing, London, Think 3D Free, BeFoodSmart, MathFactor II, Doodoo Lite,

Jigsaw Puzzle, Mind Blocks, Puzzle Animation, Dino Maze, Join the dots, Slice it! FREE, Balloon party.


Collins Big Cat stories / Image Editing

Collins Big cat - The Garden, Bike ride, Farmers Lunch, Steam Train, The World.

InstaFrame, InstaEditor, VidEditorFree, Animation.

The following websites may also be useful when helping with homework. (These sites are out of school control with regards to content so please use safely). There is also a phonics help page in the curriculum section.

For good literacy websites check out these below:

Love reading logo     Guardian books     Scholastic


Harper Collins    Usborne Children's Books



Road Crossing

Road Crossing game

Insect World

Insect World 

 TNT Timestables

TNT timestables

 Dartboard game

dartboard game

Number jumbler

 Number jumbler

 Helipad Hops

Helipad Hops

 Dino place value

Dino place value

 Shark Numbers

Shark Numbers


BBC Bitesize

 Mini Beast activity

Mini beast activity

 Hungry wolf

Hungry wolf


 Starship games

Starship games

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