Welcome to the autumn term 2020!

Class 3

Mr Gray

Class 3 Teacher

Mrs Haskayne

Teaching Assistant

Happy new year!

A new year and an exciting new topic 'The Iron Man' We will be using the Ted Hughes novel to capture the children's imagination and inspire their writing. Alongside the novel, we will be researching inventions through time and learning the invention process. We will be looking at the overall engineering and product development, as well as how to promote the product through persuasive writing. 

We have very high expectations for reading on a daily-basis, as well as completing the homework on time. Your child will be reading a book every day and we expect you to read with them. I understand that we can find it difficult to find the time, but the benefit of your child becoming a better reader is crucial in their learning journey and will give them more opportunities in the future. Homework will be set every Monday to be completed for the following Monday. We will be using the grid that was used last term as it proved to be very successful (You only need to complete one activity per week) As well as this there will be maths homework set as an extra activity each week.

This year, at the end of year 4, children will not be taking the Multiplication Check (carried out by the government) However, times-tables is a crucial element in maths and it is essential that you child knows their multiplication tables up to 12. We will be securing their knowledge by having a times table test every week as well as using TTRockstars and 99 Club to build on recall speed. Your child will be given a specific table to practice each week and I would like you to practice this with them during this time. Encouraging  them to play TTRockstars, chanting their tables with them or testing them yourself and working on the tables that they are finding difficult are great ways to deepen their knowledge. Make sure you have fun!

P.E. kit will need to be worn into school every Friday. There is no need to bring in P.E. kit any other time unless asked specifically to. (Our schools P.E. dress code is a white top with black bottoms)

If you have any concerns at all then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help.

Thank-you for your amazing support.

Kind regards

Mr Gray