Our Learning Journey

Learning and development is implemented through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities. As the Prime areas are crucial for igniting children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, these will be our focus areas for nursery children whilst 'dipping' in to the specific areas as the children are ready and as part of child-led learning. This will support the children to become secure within the Prime areas  meaning they will be ready to learn in depth within the specific areas and also ensuring children are ready for school.
As a base for learning, we follow a topic based curriculum, coverage is planned across the year for our mixed nursery and reception class and is available to view using the link below. 
Tapestry is an online tool that we use to document aid assessment of the children through observation. Observations are also encouraged with any home learning or ‘Wow moments’. We will also use Tapestry to upload key documents and information.
An activation email will be sent to you once your child has enrolled and there will be further support and guidance to follow.

The key person approach is used to help children settle into the nursery environment, respond to children’s individual needs and to build strong communication between parents and the Nursery; usually sharing information on a daily basis.

The staff working in our mixed nursery and reception class get to know all children well. Mrs Toher is the key person for all nursery children, and will be the person to work most often with the nursery children. 

Mrs Mepham is in overall charge of all the children within the nursery and ensures all children are happy and have a wealth of opportunities to play and explore. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to share information from home at the beginning of their child’s session to any of the staff in class 1, alternatively you can arrange a telephone appointment with Mrs Mepham if needed.

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