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Ethos, Aims & Values

Our Values, Aims and Ethos

The culture,  values and ethos of Whitemoor Academy is encompassed by our motto:

 ‘Today's Learners Tomorrows Leaders’

 Our Vision Statement is:   

Whitemoor Academy will provide an outstanding education and ensure that all pupils can reach their greatest potential and live by life’s highest values.

 Our core Values are those which  develop both  character and academic strength : ASPIRE

Aspiration   Spirit   Passion   Integrity   Resilience   Excellence

 Our aims

Pupils will be expected to work hard and achieve their best at all times and our ethos and culture of an unwavering drive for success will reflect this in order that our pupils:

  • are prepared intellectually and have the right  dispositions to become leaders in their  communities
  • will develop as team players, resilient  and confident individuals who set themselves  challenging personal goals
  • will develop as independent life-long learners, creative risk-takers and innovators
  • will experience equality of opportunity for all within an inclusive environment
  • will understand and accept difference, developing an awareness of (and respect for) our diverse and  changing world
  • appreciate and make valuable contributions to the local community and to the wider world.
  •  make a successful transition into the next phase of their education, leading to  further or higher education and ultimately be prepared and able to attend and compete at the top colleges and universities in the world

We don’t just expect our pupils to achieve what is average or expected but for them to excel.

Our expected targets for both academic and personal success will be set above what is average or normal.