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At Whitemoor Nursery we are proud to offer effective school-based provision. School-based provision includes a more structured approach to teaching Phonics, Maths and Topic related learning. Phonics, maths and topic learning take place during morning sessions, and for this reason we prefer children attend for a minimum of 3 mornings per week to ensure children have access to the same learning experiences. 

At the start of the nursery day, your child will be welcomed with a friendly smile and a warm greeting from the nursery team. From the offset, your child will be encouraged and supported by the adults in the setting. We firmly believe that developing positive relationships are paramount in order for your child to thrive within the nursery setting. 

Once inside the nursery, your child will be supported to develop their independence with self-care needs. Your child will have their own peg to keep their personal belongings together and safe. Developing independence and resilience are vital foundations for children in order to be successful life-long learners.

The nursery day consists of some direct teaching staggered throughout the day. Such as, Phonics, Maths and Topic related learning. These provide short, focused direct teaching activities that then link into their self-initiated play.

During continuous provision, your child will be able to explore the wide range of activities and available tools and resources that have been taught and modelled with the children. The activities are planned effectively to cover all areas of the EYFS curriculum through a range of topics.

Scroll the images below to see the children in nursery enjoying their learning.

Our nursery is open Monday - Friday (Term Time only)

9:00 Arrival at Nursery followed by self-registration and wake up shake up

9:10 Good morning time - small group adult led activities (such as sharing games)

9:45 Free flow play with some adult led activities

10:30 Morning snack within free-flow play. 

11:30 Small group adult led activities (PSHE and Maths focus)

12:00 Lunch time/ home time for some children

12:30 Play time outside

1:00 Afternoon registration followed by adult led activity (linked to physical development) 

1:30 Free flow play with some adults led activities

2:40 Story time and afternoon fruit snack 

2.55 Preparing to go home

3:00 Home time

At Whitemoor nursery, we pride ourselves in supporting children through their toilet training phase. We understand that all children are unique and will learn and develop skills at different times throughout their lives. Therefore, we ensure that every child is supported through these phases effectively. If you have any questions about toilet training, please chat to our experienced nursery staff. 
Information about potty training can be found on the Eric website

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