Our Staff

Mrs Hooper

Head of school & DSL

Mrs Dowd

Academy Administrator

Mrs Mepham

Class 1 Teacher/Nursery

Mrs Arnold

Senior Teacher Class 2 Teacher-Year 1 and 2

Mrs Sumption

Class 3 Teacher - Year 3 and 4

Mrs Ford

Class 4 Teacher: Year 5 and 6. Deputy DSL

Mrs Toher

Nursery Lead

Mrs Suffolk

Teaching Assistant in Nursery

Miss Treen

Teaching Assistant in Class 1

Mrs Hatton

Teaching Assistant in Class 2

Mrs Bartlett

Teaching Assistant in Class 2

Miss Wimberley

Teaching Assistant in Class 3

Ms O'Mahoney

Teaching Assistant in Class 4

Mrs Clarke


Mrs T Clarke works at Whitemoor on Thursdays.

Mrs Chown

Senior Parent Support Advisor

Mrs Chown is at Whitemoor every Tuesday but is contactable by mobile throughout the week. 07512267449.

Mrs E Knight

Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Knight works Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mrs Clark

Catering Team

Whitemoor Academy
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