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Class 1

Miss Stacey Towner

Class Teacher

Miss Natalie Stone

Teaching Assistant

Miss Jade Vickery

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Class 1
Our school day starts when the children arrive between 8:30 and 8:50 am. During this time the children complete their morning activities; either writing their name or a simple sentence then they choose what they would like for dinner. The Year One children come in to school and complete Morning Maths activities. During the morning the children take part in several activities e.g. Wake and Shake, Read Write Inc (Phonics Programme), to Maths activities. During the afternoon they have assemblies and Literacy activities. Our day ends at 3:15 where you can collect your child from the classroom door. 
In Reception we focus on a free flow approach where the children are encouraged to try the several activities planned on the tables. These activities link to the topic we are looking at. They get progressively harder as the year progresses and we try to ensure a width breadth of learning is taking place. This ranges from Role Play, Expressive Arts, Physical Development to more focused adult learning in Maths and Literacy.
We try to do our PE lessons on a Wednesday afternoon but we ask that you keep your child's PE kit in school all week in case this changes or we get more opportunity during the week for extra lessons. Year One's PE lessons take place Thursday afternoon.
We welcome any parents that would like to come in and look at their child's learning at any point during the year. We do hold Open Phonics for reception parents where you are welcome to come and look at how your child learns the phonemes and uses them to help read and write. 
In the Autumn Term the children focused on Toys. We are going to be looking at different Toys over the past 100 years and how they have changed. As we look at the different toys we are going to create a toy museum where we can show off all of the toys we have learnt about. In the second half of the term we are going to look at creating a puppet show. The children will look at the different types of puppets they can make and think of a story line to go alongside it. 
We will also have a school trip to a toy museum. 
We have started our topic off with a Teddy Bears Picnic. The children enjoyed doing a bear hunt, listening to bear stories and creating bear biscuits which they ate after. They thoroughly enjoyed the start of their topic.